Rite of Passage

[Session Three] Bear Tales

Wherein the wolves find a bear and also a nap

My bones depart from me.
I open my hands into a pool of water.
Creating the sound of waves, animals, and creatures.
- iwrestledabearonce, ’I’m Cold and There are Wolves After Me’

A man’s voice cried out to the pups, “The other two aren’t bane-ridden.” Not knowing exactly what to do, Peter and Jeff Hines made their way towards the voice while Lomnocht “Lom” Hemming, Kurt Bouchard III, and Guillame tried to restrain and interogate the remaining mesmerized wolves. Unfortunately for them, touch broke the spell of Kelly Waffle‘s Harmony Flute and both Garou went on the attack. They managed to kill one and tie up the other, dumping him into Kelly’s magic sack.

The man with the gun introduced himself as Bill. He offered the pups shelter at his nearby home. Clearly, he was not a normal man for he recognized the pups almost nonchalantly – even an invisible Peter. He led them back to his cabin in the snow, offering them food and information. Having lived on the edge of Wendigo territory for many years, he had seen pups come and go. He recounted a pack of young pups that had recently traversed through his territory, heading north, but he could not say what became of them.

He spoke at length about the War of Rage and the Garou’s hand in it – giving weight to the pack’s feeling that he was likely some other type of shifter. Though never answering directly, he did laugh about the bear skin rug on his floor.

He also told the pups of an ancient legend about the mountain to the North. In his words:

“Many, many years ago, before the white man came to this part of the world, there was a great tribe of the wind-walkers who dominated this land and ran it like an ice-ridden empire. The mightiest among them was a shaman called She-Cries-Ice, who fought a terrible evil spirit. This evil spirit was called the Narlthus and could not be bound into anything of this world. But She-Cries-Ice whispered to the sky and called down a stone from another world. The great shaman bound the Narlthus into this sky-stone and it struck the mountain with great force thus burying the Narlthus completely. Legend has it that the mountain lies but a little north of here and that one day the Narlthus will rise again to defeat the children of She-Cries-Ice.”

With such a comforting bedtime tale, the pups hunkered down to sleep.


The well-rested pups (outfitted with some food, dedicated [and Dedicated] winter clothing, and a cell phone with spotty reception) set their paws north. After a few hours travel, they came upon Black Wolf Ridge Mine. Several hastily constructed buildings clustered around the lip of a hug pit. They immediately noticed the guard towers – strange for a remote mine.

Peter used Phoebe’s Veil to sneak among the buildings for a few minutes at a time while the rest of the pack hunkered down in the treeline. He overheard some of the miners complaining about the never-ending work hours now that ‘Grend Enterprises’ had taken over. They also mutter ominously about the former site manager disappearing before being shunted back to work by a pair of heavily armed guards. Subsequent investigations yielded information on building position and strength but little in the way of what the hell was going on.

In the midst of this investigating, a team of guards rolled up in a jeep, dropping off pairs to explore the area. One pair is headed right into the semi-hidden pups…



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