Rite of Passage

[Session Four] Trash Dragon

Wherein the plot shows up

The pale moon casts its evil eye
Over the man in the forest
He calls wolves with the soundless bagpipe
Utters the magic words of summoning
And when the snowstorm starts its icy dance
Wolves come – red burns their eyes
- Skyforger, ‘Werewolves’

As a pair of guards investigated into the forest, the pups decided it was a good idea to hide deeper in the trees. Peter turned invisible and ran while the rest of the pups made for a thicket of trees. Lomnocht “Lom” Hemming took a big breath of Wyrm and took off running, alerting the pair of Fomori guards. The opened fire on the pups, radioing for backup as if the sound of gunfire wasn’t enough of an alarm. Their cover blown, the pups attacked the Wyrm-tainted guards with brutal efficiency.

Before the last bit of blood could be spilled, several Banes began pushing through from the Umbra. The banes looked like deformed children, with long limbs and needle-like fingers. They had green, glowing eyes that bulged out of their faces and dripped ichor down their cheeks.

To get away from them, the pups stepped sideways into the Umbra… and saw an advancing army of Banes coming from the strip mine, crossing the ruined landscape with remarkable efficiency. They also saw a black, rotting dragon-like creature encased in a thick cloud of smoke and chained into the mine. It roared horribly, thrashing to get free.

The pups stepped back into the real world right as the Banes crossed back to the Umbra and ran in the opposite direction of the mine. They caught up with Peter, who had found a beautiful glen, free of snow and filled with delicious rabbits. Another trip into the Umbra revealed a plethora of Wyld spirits. A Stag gave them a little information and a rather large knife after trading a few blows with Lom. He told them to look for the dark-haired wolf woman for she was the one trying to free the Narthulus from the mine.

They also released Obadiah “Obe” Johnson by pouring him out onto the snow. Some Harmony Flute-ing and a talk later, he agreed to help them. The Stag informed the pups that there are another group of pups here not long before them that had uncovered the mine. The evil wolf woman and her kin conspired to kill those pups – potentially the very murder this pack had been framed for. Obe agreed to talk to his kin and try to clear their name but had no luck reaching them through the storm.

Trekking back to the mine yielded yet more info. Kelly Waffle managed to get reception long enough to find out some key data on the mine. It had recently been acquired by a Pentex shell corporation, the workers fired, the manager gone missing, and a nice woman named Azeara now running the show. Figuring the minions of the Wyrm were clearly at play, the pups bickered over how best to proceed. Will they risk the wrath of the Sept of the Winter Wolf in the hopes that the army of werewolves will band together for the greater good? Will they continue to poke around the mine and surrounding town for clues? Will they just say “fuck this noise” and go home? Only time will tell.



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