War of Rage

From Bill’s Perspective

The War of Rage was an ancient war fought between the Garou and the other Fera (shifters). It happened before start of recorded history. It is unknown whether it occurred before or after the Impergium.

No one is sure why exactly the War of Rage started. All evidence points to the Garou being the aggressor. It is said the Garou sought to make themselves the first among Gaia’s children and have the other Fera submit to their rule. Some claim it is because the Garou demanded the other Fera show them secret powers granted to them by Gaia that had not been meant for the Garou.

While some of the Fera are physical or spiritually more powerful in a one on one fight with the Garou, werewolves fight in packs. They picked off the solitary Fera one by one, driving some to extinction. The Garou’s wickedness even killed off some of their own tribes and turned the White Howler’s to the Wyrm.

War of Rage

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