Obadiah "Obe" Johnson

Angry Wendigo tied up in a bag


An angry Wendigo tied up in Kelly’s magic bag


Born in Paris, Texas to an Evangelical Christian family, Obadiah “Obe” Johnson lived a simple childhood. When, at the age of 15, he became a wolf for the first time, his perception of the world was shattered. The only information he was able to garnish from his mother was the name of an uncle, “Jed”, who, until that moment he thought was dead. After getting in numerous fights at school and becoming a freakish outcast, Obe left home, knowing he was not fit for a normal life. He eventually tracked down his uncle Jed, a member of the Wendigo tribe. Obe followed these werewolves and practiced their ways until one snowy day his uncle was slain and Obe himself met an unfortunate end in a magical rucksack.

Obadiah "Obe" Johnson

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