Rite of Passage

[Session Two] Out of the frying pan...

Wherein the pups move into another, slightly larger frying pan

Our love for war will never die.
In this battlefield,
There’s only one way,
To end our lives,
This silver bullet around my neck.
Half breeds,
Crawling the streets,
Dripping flesh from their teeth.
- Modern Day Escape, ‘One Way To Kill A Werewolf’

As Kelly Waffle was laying the bear to rest in the cold earth, a hungry Lomnocht “Lom” Hemming trekked out into the snow to try and find some food to fill his rumbling belly. He spotted some deer tracks and also some odd little boot prints. He returned to tell his companions what he had found and realized Jeff Hines and Guillame had disappeared. He roused Kelly to try and find them. To his great dismay, he discovered she was not really a woodsman (woodswoman? woodswolf?). She proceeded to cartwheel through the forest and crash into trees, effectively destroying any trail they might follow. Nonplussed by their companions disappearance, they set off after the deer tracks Lom had found earlier.

The pair easily caught up to the creature nearby what seemed to be a strange lamppost in the forest. Lom happily tore into the helpless doe, tossing the head across the clearing and horrifying the more gentle-tempered Kelly. As she mourned the deer, she caught sight of a small man out of the corner of her eye. The nature of the]is creature was revealed a few moments later.

Upon approaching the lamppost, first Lom then Kelly were lassoed by a pair of ugly Fae with red hats, bloodstained fangs and big red noses. Despite the Fae’s frantic attempts to reel them in and stuff them in their sack, the pups easily broke free of their cords. Lom, with his usual restraint, hooked a claw through his would-be captor’s nose and tore the face off the Redcap. It’s brother, seeing this, squeaked ‘I give up’ and winked out of existence with a pop and a faint smell of day-old beer.

Kelly reached into the sack. Her arms flailed around in an impossible vast empty space within the bag. She upended it and shook out it’s contents: a nearly complete collection of the John Norman “Gor” novels; a half-empty bottle of Listerine; hundreds of empty beer cans; a Sony Walkman CD player with no batteries; a CD (‘Flood’ by They Might Be Giants); and a button which says “My karma ran over my dogma”. Most interestingly are Jeff, Guillame, and two Crinos-form werewolves dressed in pink nightgowns, sleep masks, and matching caps.

As Jeff and Guillame struggled out from the pile of empty beer cans, Peter took off running into the woods. Lom chased down the hysterical teenager, who was convinced that he was having an awesome dream (and that he had laser eyes). Kurt Bouchard III was only marginally easier to convince of his true nature, though all listened as the pups told their new additions about how they had come to be out in the snow.

After Kelly’s failed attempt at making a shelter out of the magic sack and the lamppost, the pack agreed to search for shelter. An unnatural storm set in, the wind howling down much like the bitter howls of the Wendigo for their lost pups. Though the visibility dropped to nearly nothing, the pups managed to locate the Bane Bear’s cave after a few hours of trekking.

That was the good news.

The bad news was the angry pack of werewolves laying in wait for them there. The tattered-ear Garou from the sept howled in dark triumph as the pack approached, lunging at Lom with a cry of “I am Icedagger!” Lom’s own battlecry, “And I’m Irish!”, rang out as the two traded vicious blows, aided by Guillame. Kelly used her harmony flute to great effect, mesmerizing two of the four remaining Garou. Jeff used his Kung Fu training to kick first the bottom then the top his attacker’s muzzle off. Peter hid under Pheobe’s Veil, invisibly aiding Kurt in eviscerating (and de-tailing) their attacker. To the horror of the pups, the rampaging Weres were reduced to bloody piles of gore but regenerated in a rush of Rage. Flesh filled their wounds so fast it seemed to explode from them. The claws of the pups didn’t waiver, tearing into their newly healed opponents. Guillame and Lom managed to permanently down Icedagger. Not even his illicitly-taken totem, Grandfather Thunder, could save him. But the last Garou wouldn’t go down. As the pups hunkered down to continue the battle, the last attacker’s head exploded as the sound of a rifle shot rang out. The lifeless body of the Garou dropped to the ground, evidence that the bullet may well be silver. But who fired it and why? And are the pups the next targets?



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