Rite of Passage

[Session Five] It's just a small town, how bad can this be?

Wherein the PCs manage to wreck absolutely everything

and I didn’t play a single part in this I swear
and I didn’t play a single part in this I swear
and I didn’t play a single part in this I swear
and I didn’t play a single part in this I swear
I’m not all fucking right with this
- Deaf Havana, ‘This Afternoon Was A Total Disaster’

The pups wandered down the newly paved road for hours. Kurt Bouchard III stepped into the Umbra and noticed the road looked like a giant claw had furrowed it in the Earth. The trees by the road were shriveled and black. He walked into the woods to communicate with a tree spirit but…. it was a tree and not very helpful.

After hours of travel, they came upon the small town of Kroder’s Pass. It was shrouded in an unnaturally thick mist that hid most of the buildings. Being hungry, they made their way toward the glowing sign of Flo’s Diner. Strangely enough, there were no cars parked outside.

Inside, there was a David Lynch-ian cast of characters; the titular Flo in her pink waitress outfit, a wizened old local man at the counter, a group of three biker-looking Truckers (or trucker-looking Bikers) in the back corner, and some rednecks across the dining room. The pups immediately split up and caused havok.

Peter and Kurt got burgers “with extra spit” from a very inhospitable Flo. Kurt also managed to chase off the old man, who turn and ran as soon as he mentioned the Black Wolf Ridge Mine.

Meanwhile, Kelly broke into the General Store and was shot repeatedly by the old woman who owned it. Hearing the gun shots, the rest of the pups came running (along with the rednecks). Mass chaos ensued. When the dust settled, the humans were either dead or in extreme Delirium. Disgruntled, the pups left the town and continued south.



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