Rite of Passage

Prelude - Lom


Lomnocht “Lom” Hemming
Lom had always been an outcast. He knew he was a metis – the sterile and deformed offspring of two werewolves. But his packmaster told him he was the unlucky 1% of metis that were born human – kinfolk – never to change into other forms, stuck in his big hairless body. Still, it didn’t do to dwell on things that could not be changed. After all, there were drinks to be drunk, wenches to be wenched, and bar fights to be fought! For every person who picked on him, there were two more waiting to drink and celebrate with him. Some bullies became his life long friends.

But some bullies remained lifelong enemies. Worst was Bruce, who spat on him and called him names. Lom had a vague recollection of a run-in with Bruce when he awoke… but it was how he awoke that bothered him most. He was naked as the day he was born in the alley behind the pub. Grabbing a soggy (and rather cold) scrap of paper bag to cover his unmentionables, he ran through his village, trying to avoid the eyes of the populace with only marginal success.

While scrubbing up, his aunt (who had raised him in his parents absence) hammered on the door. She asked him what he had been doing, told him he was guilty of murder (what???), and dragged him off to confession. He had barely been given his Hail Marys before a huge arm pulled him from the confessional and his pack master dragged him to the back of the Church. There, he was told he had gone through the First Change and had – in the process – killed Bruce. Stunned and remembering none of it, Lom shook his head and insisted he was only Kinfolk. His pack master held out one arm, changing it into a large Crinos claw. He told Lom he had 10 seconds to change and block the strike or he would kill him. As he counted the seconds down, Lom felt the change overtake him.

His joy was short-lived, however. He was taken back to his home, dressed in his best clothes (aside from his now destroyed Sunday Suit) and taken before the Pack. They performed the Rite of Ostracism and turned their backs on him. However, their Pack Master decreed that all Pups are sacred to the Garou and must be trained. They opened up a Moon Bridge and sent him on it – to where, he has no idea.



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