Rite of Passage

Prelude - Kelly

Do wolves like tea?

Kelly Waffle
It had been a long day at the office for Kelly. The green tech whiz kid (and secret eco-terrorist hacker) hadn’t been sleeping well. Walking from her office in Wouburn to retrieve her bike, it seemed like her sleepless nights (or maybe acid flashbacks from those parties in college) were taking over. The path through the low hedge suddenly felt like a massive forest, green and wild and pure. She hurried to her bike, past trees that suddenly seemed monstrously large, and onto the bus home.

Her apartment was familiar but the large wolf sitting in her living room watching the Discovery Channel was not. Shaken, she tried to find some food for the animal and make some tea to calm her frazzled nerves. The wolf spoke, asking for tea of his own. Two sugars please and milk. He explained that he was a man – sort of – and had picked the lock to get in. Tea cup rattling in it’s saucer, Kelly drank and listened to the wolf’s story. He shifted into the form of a man in a rather elegant business suit and explained to her that they were both werewolves. He talked fast, like a stock trader from the 80s, and his explanations didn’t seem to make much sense.

Kelly, convinced she was having an acid trip, agreed to go with him to the Audubon preserve out on Cape Cod. The man’s explanations of Garou life and history fell on deaf ears during the long drive. Upon reaching the preserve, the man removed a small glass box and told Kelly he needed to bring on her first change. He released a small glass elemental, which went straight for the now panicked woman. Kelly took off running then stopped, realizing that she was now in the form of a wolf herself. She stared at her paws in amazement, biting the head off the fragile elemental when it trundled up. Before she could so much as howl in pain, her wounds knit themselves shut.

After coaching her to tun back into human form (and giving her his coat), the strange business man told Kelly he would take her to a pack in New York City that would help her understand her new life. They returned to her home to pack a few things then set off into the night.



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