Rite of Passage

Prelude - Guillame

Becoming the Wolf

Guillame awoke in a dark basement somewhere in his home town of Chicago. He’d been suffering nightmares recently but this terror was real. He was covered in dark fluid. It was hard to tell to color in the dark but something primal told him it was red – blood. He didn’t seem to be injured and the dirt floor of the basement lacked tell-tale pools of red.

He slowly crept up the stairs, listening at the door but hearing naught but silence. He edged the door open and was greeted by a smear of blood. As he explored the house, he found gore in every room. A disemboweled women in the kitchen, a human-shaped pile of ash behind the television… something horrible has happened here – but what? And was that a coffin in the bedroom?

While Guillame was exploring, he overheard two men entering the house. With nothing else left to do, he hopped into the coffin (which had been comfortably outfitted with recessed lighting in the lid and had a pillow and iPad within). One of the men seemed to think the carnage was quite amusing. The other seemed concerned for the “pup”. He realized they meant him when they called him out of the coffin. They were men he knew from clubbing; not close friends but not strangers. The calmer man (Doug) explained to him that he was a werewolf, shifted shape to show him it was the truth. They couldn’t take him, they said, but they knew a pack who could help him. One plane ticket later (one pilfered vampire’s iPad the richer) and he was on his way to New York City… and who knows what else?



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