Rite of Passage

Kelly's Journal - session one

Kelly's Journal

Kelly’s Journal – Entry 01:
I have been in this disused warehouse for a week now.  Everyone looks so restless.  I will admit, there isn’t much to do around here – but i tethered my phone to my laptop, so I have internet and things are ok.  It’s kinda like it was back in college.  Living off Ramen noodles, talking to strangers and forming a bond of vague acquaintance have always been things I’ve been fairly good at.  I like the big guy, he always had a smile and was really nice to me – unlike the older lady that seemed to think I was her lazy granddaughter that never did anything with her life…  I spent most of the time contemplating my place in the world… and surfing reedit… and playing video games.

At some point, we were all asked to participate in some sort of ritual gathering. The warehouse we were staying in seemed a bit insecure, so I stowed all my stuff in a subway locker on the way to the meeting. Eventually, we reached a park and soon after we entered it, we noticed that we were being followed. It looked like a chain gang from a monster movie. Giant wolf-beasts, men with guns and they were all looking at us like dinner. Two of us, Guillame and Jeff, took off running. I decided to attempt to calm everyone’s emotions and tried out my new Harmony Flute (which Simon gave and ‘tried’ to teach me to use) but it didn’t work. I think I need more practice with it. My new friend Lom got between me and the advancing army of hooligans to try to calm them with an offering of alcohol. That didn’t work so well either. We decided the best course of action was to get the hell out of there. Somehow – i’m still unclear on how it happens, I once again ‘shifted’ into a wolf. This still freaks me the fuck out, but I’m slowly starting to appreciate its value.

We get to the meeting place we were told about hoping someone there would help us, but all we found was this giant portal thingy. Everyone ran into it, so I was like ‘what the hell – it’s better than being eaten’. What I saw next was just – weird. It was like a long bridge in the middle of a spinning tunnel of mist and what looked like ghosts. It was super-trippy. We finally pop out the other end of this portal only to find ourselves in six-inches of snow. What. The. Fuck.

After a few minutes, a big Native American-looking dude shows up with coats and stuff for us. After all the shit that’s happened to me in the past two weeks I’ve kinda just learned to roll with it. I take one, thank him and listened as he spoke to us. He said he was the warden of something or other and his people would help us with our rite of passage thingy. I have no idea what any of this stuff is. He led us to a cave to sleep for the night. Now, I’m a city girl, so all this is just freaking me the fuck out. I stay quiet and calm though – thats how to deal with a situation – calmly.

I wake up a few hours into my not-so-comfy sleep (I swear I will NEVER take a bed for granted again) to the sound of of wolves howling. It was a terrible sound. I could feel it down to my bones. I don’t know why, but I felt horrible – like someone I loved just died or something. We were then led to a gathering place were no one seemed to like us. Actually, they seemed to want to kill us. THey blamed us for killing their family members and told us to basically get the fuck out or we kill you.

I was pissed. Convincing me to come learn something new about myself in a disused warehouse? Ok. Learning I can change into a wolf? Difficult, but still, ok. Sleeping in a cave, in the middle of winter after going through a supernatural portal after been chased by a monster mob… Super-fucking-hard, but I’ll deal with it. Being accused of a murder committed by people I don’t even know. No. I draw the fucking line. I look around and see this dude who does not seem to agree with the rest of the pack and I lay into him like he just stole a meal from a homeless child. He then confesses that we ‘may’ have been framed. Oh. Surprise, surprise. He said we would need to find proof and bring it back in order to clear our name. What the fuck? Am I living in the movie “The Fugitive” all the sudden? This is bullshit. We agree to leave, because, you know, even though I’m innocent, there aren’t any good lawyers here and I don’t want to die tonight.

We get as far from the Sept of the Bitter Bitches Club as we can and are forced to make shelter for the rest of the night. Luckily, I watch a lot of nature programming, so I know how to build a basic shelter. Never thought I would actually be using this knowledge. Thank you PBS and basic cable!

We wake up a few hours later. We were cold, hungry and lost. Things were not looking good. We soon spotted a bear and the others instantly wanted to kill and eat it. I’m hungry, but I’m still not at the point where I would kill to eat something. I respect all life – even douchebag werewolves that accuse us of murder, then throw us into the cold with nothing. Anyway, the others almost instantly start attacking it. I tried to knock Guillame off the poor thing. No luck there. We discovered that the bear was essentially ‘possessed’ by something called ‘the Bane’. Great. As if my day couldn’t possible get any weirder. I felt sorry for the bear, and knowing that it was already tormented and that there was no way to save it, I agree to help it reach peace by euthanizing it.

I transformed again – this time into this huge battle-wolf thingy – I have no idea how, it seems to just happen all by itself. I really need to figure out how to control this stuff. I don’t want to walk into a grocery store and transform into a wolf whenever I spot something delicious. Anyway – I attempt to sever the bears spinal cord, so he won’t feel anything, but it’s only partially successful. Lom, on the other hand, eviscerated it like he was a walking death machine. That was some seriously disturbing shit, right there. A foul stench filled the air and we all cleaned ourselves up. I dug the poor beast a grave and buried it. I hope he is an better place now.

I wonder what other fucked-up, mind-altering bullshit I’ll have to deal with today. :-P


Very nice. 3XP!

Kelly's Journal - session one

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